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Since 2004, UKUSH Handmade has been designing innovative accessories with a contemporary twist. We specialize in bags & scarves that are handwoven by master Mayan weavers, plus offer jewelry, aprons and keychain/ornaments. Many products are one-of-a-kind; most in natural fibers – bamboo, cotton and leather.

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We are fair trade and eco-friendly.  Our most popular items are the UKUSH Bambú Silky and Chenille lines of handwoven scarves made from organic bamboo. They are soft and lightweight, and come in 40 (yes, 40!) gorgeous colorways. All are hand-dyed, giving each a unique “watercolor” look.  Multiple styles. 


The company grew out of the friendships Emily Arfin formed while working as a human rights volunteer in Guatemala. We have 5 lines of festival (mini) bags, handbags and totes in price points from $5 to $125.  From the traditional to the contemporary, many with repurposed fabrics.  Our vision is to provide our customers with quality items that also transform the lives of indigenous producers.

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Each line comes from a different Mayan cooperative, each with its unique weaving & designs. We are happy to collaborate with our artisan partners from ideas through shipping. Our machine wash-dry aprons come in 15 patterns and last FOREVER – I have been using the same one since 1999!

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We are helping to keep alive the centuries-old dyeing techniques using local plants.  Seeking other uses for the plants, the women of San Juan La Laguna came up with the idea to make earrings from the dried flowers.  Earrings that tread lightly on the earth.

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Beaded ornament/keychains are made from seed beads and crystals.  The fun shapes – mermaids, octopi, hummingbirds and lots more – delight children and adults alike. Producing these helped a group of women build their own sustainable cooperative.