What puts a smile on my face, and accounts for time well spent, is to create high- quality hand made “things”. Sculptural things like mobiles of wire and wood. Useful things like furniture, lamps and picture frames. And fun things like boats and model airplanes that fly and crash - causing a smile or two in between. I abhor junk. I don’t make, buy, or keep junk. A good “thing” either has a good story attached to it, occasions its own stories, or is simply pleasing to look at. 


Case in point: my Peace Symbol Ornaments were borne of a tree trimming party whereby the hosts tradition is to hang only handmade ornaments. I made them one. They liked it. So did many, many others. So I sold them and raised a very tidy sum, and donated it to the Alzheimer’s Association.

See? Good thing. Good story. Good, good, good.

Tom Chantler Design  

Think + Draw + Make

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