MARCH 2020
Dates TBD


Indies are rule breakers, not rule makers. But for the greater good, we have a few Terms & Conditions [aka The Fine Print] to make for a better overall experience. Please read [you’ll be asked to confirm your understanding of our Terms & Conditions when you submit your application].

ANIMALS: Service dogs required by persons with disabilities are allowed on the show floor. INDIE Market reserves the right to request removal of a service dog if disruptive or not housebroken. All other animals are strictly prohibited.

BADGES: Exhibitors are required to wear show badges at all times.

BOOTH CLEANING: Empty boxes and trash receptacles must be placed in front of each booth at the end of the day for pick-up during set-up dates. Exhibitors are responsible for removing the tape outlining their booth space before the start of the show.

BOOTH OCCUPANCY: Booths must be staffed and open for business during show hours. Booths cannot be dismantled prior to the end of the show. Failure to adhere to this may result in a fine and the loss of priority status in future trade shows.

BOOTH PROTOCOLS: Exhibitors’ displays must remain within their designated booth. Product, fixtures, lighting, mannequins or any part of an exhibitor’s display may not extend into aisles at any time. Booths walls, other than those provided, are not allowed [additional blue//grey panels are available for $40 per panel].

CONDUCT: The distribution of giveaways or the use of flashing lights, smoke or bubble machines, and noisy or offensive displays are strictly prohibited.

INSURANCE: All exhibitors must submit a Certificate of Insurance with Kiss That Frog as a named insured.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographing another exhibitor’s booth without their consent is strictly prohibited.

PAINTING: Exhibitors who paint their booth walls must use a drop cloth to ensure the pavilion floor remains free from splatter and spills. Paint removal fee is $250 fee; payable by the exhibitor.

That’s it!

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Craneway Pavilion
1414 Harbour Way S.
Richmond, CA 94804