welcome to st. agnes

we welcome you into our fragrant little world.  we believe in good scents and good sense.  we believe you should play nice in the sandbox.   we believe you should get out into the world often and we believe in great hand bags and hello kitty.  we are slightly irreverent but mostly just slightly amusing and we want to be your friend.

dom chi photo.jpeg

in our plentiful years on this earth, we have traveled the world and come away better for it. we have been greatly influenced by our travels and endeavor to translate that influence into our products.  we have been exposed to the incense of the middle and the far east. we have roamed the jungles of the tropics and immersed ourselves in their lush fragrances, and we have traipsed through europe and have done the happy dance in the perfumed fields of flowers. ok....so we mostly traipsed through france, but you get the point.


our 10 oz. soy candles burn for 65 hours and are hand poured in small batches that are all made to order.  our scents have been carefully formulated and curated to evoke a feeling of slightly familiar and yet completely different.  as we wish for our homes to reflect who we are, we have chosen all of our packaging carefully and mindfully.  we hope you agree.  we know that our products are not necessary to your life, we are not food and shelter...they are a luxury... so we are putting our best foot forward in hopes you feel they are worthy of your attention.