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Born and raised in New Jersey, Arielle spent much of her childhood sprawled out in a sea of beads on her bedroom floor. Now a special education teacher in Los Angeles, Arielle spends her school breaks in LA's impressive jewelry districts, hunting for the perfect gemstones. 

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Spark+elle has several collections of hand-made statement chokers: flexible suede chokers that can be worn in a variety of styles and wire chokers for pop-on, pop-off wear. Each choker includes intricately hand-wired gemstone endpieces. Arielle Starkman, the brand’s founder and designer, created spark+elle to empower women to express their individuality through jewelry.

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Our chokers boldly transform an ordinary outfit into something unique, encouraging wearers to bring their inner spark(el)le to life. With each type of wrap, our wearers have an opportunity to express themselves in a new way.

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As an elementary school teacher, an aerial yoga instructor, and a lady about town, Arielle also strives to create jewelry that women can wear all day, no matter where they need to be. All chokers are handmade in West Hollywood, California, using locally sourced stones.

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