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Sharon Zimmerman creates jewelry that is unique in its understatement—clean and simple, yet distinctive and playful. Designed to compliment any style, her pieces are crafted by hand from an elegant palette of precious metals-sterling silver, palladium, 14 and 18 karat gold with just the occasional splash of color from lab-grown gemstones. She creates jewelry that you’ll want to wear every day for years to come. Growing up in Seattle, she was fascinated by the interplay of nature and machinery from a young age.  Surrounded by rings of mountains and evergreen trees, as well as the architecture of the aerospace industry, the artist learned to appreciate that the world is a wonderful mix of organic and geometric.  Today, she continues to draw inspiration from her environment.  The architecture of San Francisco inspires her sculptural, organically modern pieces, while the natural beauty of the Bay Area subtly informs her organic, abstract designs. Her travels around the world also influence her sophisticated aesthetic with a movement and energy of its own.

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Encouraged by her parents to play with arts and crafts instead of the latest new-fangled toys, she grew up dreaming and creating. After a few stabs at other, less creative fields, she decided to take up metalsmithing. She studied with metal sculptors and jewelry makers during a brief stint in the Midwest before moving to San Francisco to study jewelry making at the Revere Academy.

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Sharon delights in designing and making pieces that people find expressive, beautiful, and treasurable. “Jewelry is the one art form that people interact with directly on a daily basis. It connects the wearer and the maker in a tactile and sensual relationship. This intimacy with art is what most interests me.”

She is a proud member of SFMade and a founding member of Bay Area Made. She is also a member of the Ethical Metalsmiths.

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