SempreBeve, a new lifestyle brand based in Kansas City, has revolutionized the candle and home fragrance concept. We pour our natural soy candles into chic stemless wine glasses – because you can never have too many wine glasses!The entire line has a “second life” as high-quality, sand etched cocktail ware, so there’s nothing to discard or set on a shelf to gather dust.



Italian-born founder Ursula Terrasi, who owns a luxury home boutique, was in Italy sipping an Aperol Spritz on a terrace overlooking Lake Como when the idea for SempreBeve came in an “aha!” moment. Her eight signature al fresco scents, including “Spritz,” are inspired by Italian aperitivi and come with a recipe for the corresponding craft cocktail tucked inside. “In Italy, the aperitivi tradition is about so much more than a before-dinner drink. It’s about taking the time to unwind after work with friends, whet the appetite and revel in camaraderie. It’s about celebrating life every day,” Ursula says.



In addition to the flagship Classic Candle in a stemless wine glass, the line includes Aperitini, a generously sized votive in a tasting/party glass; On the Rocks, scented Himalayan salt crystals in an etched tidbit dish as a toxin-free alternative to a diffuser, as well as Liquid Suds and Hydrating Lotion in sweet frosted flasks. Every aspect of SempreBeve is earth friendly, from natural ingredients artisanally crafted in Kansas City, to recycled and recyclable packaging with a portion of profits donated to respected conservation organizations.


Sempre Beve On the Rocks black background square.jpg

SempreBeve embodies enduring European values of timeless style, treating the planet gently and la dolce vita, the art of living well. The collectible nature of the beautiful, dishwasher-safe glassware provides the next level of retail experience as delighted customers return again and again to add to their collection.



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