Patent Press® Greeting Cards is a unique and creative line of greeting cards in which all of the images are derived from the original drawings that accompanied iconic patents filed with the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office).  The greetings are cleverly linked to the images and range from sweet to hilarious (cards may also be ordered blank). 


Our cards are impossible to walk by, they appeal to people who are curious and want to take a closer look at how some of the more iconic items in our world came to be.  With well over 300 different cards there is something that appeals to everyone, from sports enthusiasts to musicians, and everything in between; there is a patent image that appeals to everyone’s passion or profession. 


Oh, some of the best cards are for inventions you have probably never seen before; did we mention the patent of a watch for dogs that allows them to keep track of time in dog years?  Then there are iconic inventions for everyday items: a kitchen mixer, an anatomical skeleton or a spork that become hilarious when paired with our clever greetings inside; you’ll never think of these items the same way again. We produce our cards in 5”x7” format so that they can be framed for enjoyment well after they have been received as a card.   Please check out our collection at: