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Olivia Shih offers jewelry for the bold and the inquisitive. Celebrate your inner iconoclast with jewelry that evokes the edgy look of stone but defies expectations.

Olivia Shih is a woman-run business inspired by decisive women who speak their own minds. Navigate the challenges of modern life with unrivaled cool when adorning yourself with Olivia Shih jewelry. Made in Oakland, California.

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Inspired by glacial landscapes, Olivia applies traditional metalsmithing techniques to unconventional materials, such as reclaimed acrylic. The Black Gold Collection offers striking statement jewelry that is feather light. Reminiscent of onyx and quartz, each piece is hand carved to coax out the texture of stark icebergs.

The Raw Collection, on the other hand, finds inspiration in concrete sidewalks and urban structures. Using sterling silver, brass, and gold-filled elements, each piece of jewelry is meticulously made to last.

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 As an advocate of conscious making, Olivia uses eco-friendly processes in the studio, and all collections feature eco-conscious and locally sourced materials when possible.

A percentage of each purchase is donated to a local organization that empowers women to better their lives.