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NonComp Collective provides a community for small businesses with complementary products and services, and offers resources that empower collective growth. NonComp Collective is new, and we're excited to explore how and what we want to contribute to the gift industry experience. Currently, our priorities are cross-merchandising via social media, trade show expansion, and community support. As our brands are inherently complementary—and frequently sold together—our combined online and physical presence is all about convenience for wholesale buyers and retail shoppers, alike. Whether you're looking to optimize in-store merchandising or find the perfect gift, we want to help!



Non Comp Collective is comprised of Warren Tales, Grey Theory Mill, and Two Hermanas.

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Warren Tales delivers witty and playful greeting cards, because with great friends, every day is an occasion! From sarcastic to sweet, these are cards they'll want to keep.

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Grey Theory Mill carved out their place in the world with their tiny stamped statement earrings that continue to spark laughter & eye rolls from coast to coast.

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Two sisters (a.k.a the two hermanas) who love to create laser cut greeting cards, cake toppers, and home goods that are colorful, beautiful, and unique.