The healing power of plants and crystals has inspired me since I was a little girl.  As a highly sensitive and intuitive person, I have felt the vibrational signature and the healing gifts of plants and gemstones from a very young age. This gift led me to become a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in energy healing. 


I developed the Nectar Essences remedies in my practice in 2004. I found that homeopathic flower essences and elixirs made from gemstones helped my clients release layers of memories that were contributing to stress and physical ailments. I added these elements to organic therapeutic essential oils and 'voila!' Nectar Essences was born.


Ten years later, together with my business partners, we designed the remedies to appeal to anyone seeking natural self-care. Our remedies address everyday health concerns. They are effective, easy to use, beautifully packaged, smell fantastic and are available for purchase in day spas, resorts, gift shops all over the US.