Moon + Leaf creates CBD products for period relief. We combine the pain-relieving power of hemp-derived CBD with organic herbal extracts that reduce bloating and cramping. Our products are designed by women for women to create a beautiful ritual of self-love during that miraculous things your body does each month - have a period.


Moon + Leaf was conceived by Shaina Kandel in 2017 in San Francisco, CA. Having worked in the corporate world for 10 years, she would stop getting her period every time she would start to burn-out at a job. This changed her perception of periods from a dreaded experience to a body intelligence that gives insight into health and wellbeing. With no natural period relief solutions available, the concept for Moon + Leaf became crystal clear. She along with co-founder Alexis Travis, vowed to create a company that supports women in honoring, loving, and listening to their bodies.


Moon + Leaf sells our products through our online store (, and select boutiques. Now go on and love yourself up!

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