Bold, Vibrant and chic; just some of the few words that can be used to describe the latest collection of luxe art scarves from Mitandio. Based in San Francisco, scarves from Mitandio are painstakingly crafted to pay homage to the fashion sensibilities of the chic and elegant. Combining the most luxurious fabric blends with an eclectic design sensibility of bold prints and a broad color palette has lead to tremendous demand and popularity for Mitandio’s collection. A must have accessory in every discerning girl’s closet; they are lightweight, soft & add color to any outfit!


Mitandio has its origin from a Swahili word meaning scarves. It is the vision of two vibrant sisters, Jas & Ruku, who share a combined love for art, fashion and wildlife. The iconic prints at Mitandio are inspired from their life and travels in Africa and India. 

Jas and Ruku, owners of Mitandio, say, "We wanted to create a brand that was elegant and easy to wear; a simple accessory that has the sublime ability of beautifying even the simplest of looks. Each art carries its own story, springing from mythology to wildlife to nature, serving as inspiration to different spans of life."


Raised amidst the dry savannahs of the Tanzanian Serengeti, Jas Sandhu had a childhood quite unlike most of her contemporaries; In fact most of her childhood was spent shuttling between her ancestral home in Punjab, India and her father’s wildlife lodge in the Serengeti, Tanzania. The sight of hyenas taking on a lion is quite uncommon for an Indian schoolgirl completing her summer homework, but scenes such as these would later serve as inspiration to this talented designer.

Jas moved to New Delhi in 1999 and enrolled at National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT). After graduating, she joined Elle Décor as a stylist. A year later, she left Elle Décor to join a Design Studio in Delhi as a fashion consultant for scarves and stoles. Since then, Jas Sandhu has created some of the most remarkable and innovative stoles that have been instant sell-outs. Her stunning contemporary designs combine electrifying colors with fascinating patterns, providing the perfect compliment to any modern, sophisticated woman who understands art.


Ruku Sandhu, born in Kenya, spent her formative years in the "place of cool waters", Nairobi. In 2005 her scenery changed when she moved to Canada to pursue higher education; a young woman of Indian descent, African mindset and culture, into a Western society. She studied Life Sciences, majoring in Psychology, at McMaster University, and went on to do her MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

Equipped with her education, travels and life between India, Kenya, and now Canada, she found pleasure in the diversity of people, intrigued by the many differences, yet surprising similarities. Having a love for fashion, she found her inspiration in the many colors, cultures, and facets of humankind.