What do yeast, feathers, oxygen, fire and carbon have in common? These are materials used in our firing techniques; obvara, raku and carbon painting. Designer/Maker Jim Atchison designs and creates each piece "on the fly" after taking it out of the kiln. We take the glowing work from the kiln and do stuff to it…we start fires…we burn feathers and hair…we dunk pots in fermented mixtures, and it stinks.

LickinFlames!  It's messy. It's hot. It's exciting.

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We form the pots using a variety of techniques using a potter’s wheel, slab roller, an array of plaster forms and an extruder, but our most important tools are our hands. Because of our history in custom contract manufacturing, we are comfortable in designing new techniques and using industrial tools to complete custom work and our visions.

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LickinFlames is a two-person operation. We work in a small space by design. Over the past 40 years of pottery production, we have had as many as 9 employees in studios as large as 3000 square feet. When an opportunity to rebrand the company was presented 7 years ago, we embraced the opportunity, applied our knowledge and changed almost everything about our work; the clays, temperatures and glazes. We even moved from the suburban Bay Area to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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