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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Leslie has always been active in the arts. Whether acting, singing, dancing, or designing, throughout her life Leslie has been engaged in artistic activities on a daily basis.

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At the start of it all, Leslie worked at a local bead store in Berkeley, California. Surrounded by other enthusiasts, she quickly found her calling as a jewelry designer. She later attended the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles, then further specialized in a design program in Florence, Italy, where she combined her love of stone-work with more precious jewelry.

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After returning to the Bay Area she studied at the renowned Revere Academy in San Francisco. After several years working for others in the fine jewelry world, Leslie felt it was time to move ahead with her own endeavors, and she now creates her own jewelry that is both elegant and vibrant, and can be worn by anyone.

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Leslie Francesca Designs is a representation of nature's spirit. Each raw gem and rough stone is a unique piece that represents its origins in the earth, with different stones associated with different elements of nature. The four traditional elements in Western culture are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - all of which Leslie Francesca Designs strives to embrace within each collection."