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Keeping skin looking young, vibrant and fresh while remaining healthy is a top-priority for many people. Great news in this area emerged with dynamic brand Laloirelle incorporating many of the little known natural secrets of Chinese medicine to help accomplish these goals.

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For Laloirelle founder, Yin Yin Wu, creating ultimately effective skincare that combines traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the latest in skincare technology is not just a passion, but a birthright. Laloirelle’s products are crafted to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, deliver more translucent, glowing skin, promote elasticity, firm and nourish skin, and reduce visible signs of aging.

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From face oils and serums to toners, and face soap cleansers, Laloirelle develops each unique skincare offerings with your needs in mind. The skincare products are fortified with herbal extracts that deliver the highest levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and beta-glucans to deep layers of skin.

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Laloirelle’s exclusive Herbal Rejuvenation Complex consists of organic Caterpillar Fungus extract, organic forest grown Ginseng extract and organic Reishi Mushroom extract. This complex is included in all Laloirelle facial moisturizers and serums.

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Laloirelle is devoted to using only sustainable, quality ingredients, which are transparently and ethically sourced. They are happy to maintain a list of banned ingredients on their official website, making sure none of these harmful and toxic chemicals make it into what they offer to their valued customers.

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