Welcome to the world of Jacob’s Musical Chimes! Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff has been making his precision tuned wind chimes for close to 30 years. Best known for his hugely popular Car Charms (often just called “car chimes”), Jacob’s first chimes were the “Traditional” series (including the best selling Waterfall, the Cascade, the Whisper, the Cathedral, the Grandfather and the Desk Chimes). These wood and metal wind chimes make peaceful and relaxing music in the wind, are 100% weather proof and lifetime guaranteed.

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Long Beach artist Jacob Sokoloff is a thoughtful, articulate man sincerely devoted to his craft — a man who feels that somehow he has always had a “true, organic calling” to make musical instruments. As an anthropology student at California State University Long Beach, he studied Japanese Classical and East Indian music. Living in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, Jacob’s first designs were flutes and beautiful gourd harps made from natural materials using only hand tools.

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Making musical wind chimes came naturally for the musical instrument maker. Jacob’s first chimes were made of steel pipes with wooden tops. He soon developed a unique tuning method that allowed him to tune very small, solid aluminum pipes. This led to the debut of his best selling Car Charms (hang on the rear view mirror).

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Many other lines of small chimes followed, including the Little Pipers, the Magnetic Adorn-a-ments, the Plant Adorn-a-ments, the Silhouette series and most recently the Musical Door Chimes. Jacob’s overriding emphasis in the design of his windchimes is the musical quality of the sound. The pitch of each pipe, the relative tuning of the whole chime, and the “sweetness” or purity of each tone are all factors that he constantly refines, years after creating that first, magical chime.

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