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Annemarie Huisman  ||  Owner, Maker

The relationship between the hawk and the field is intriguing... there is infinite freedom in a vast field under the open sky while the hawk as a messenger invites us to be aware of what we feel in ourselves... to be observant of what we see around us and to listen to our own inner voice and spirit. It is this spirit that infuses my designs and collections.


My life-long love of gemstones, rocks, and treasures of the natural world inspires my jewelry designs. Each piece is hand fabricated by me and imbued with ample free spirit. I use recycled metals and source responsibly mined gems with an emphasis on gemstones mined and cut in the United States.


Annemarie's studio is nestled where the mountains meet the Sierra Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, located just north of the Lake Tahoe Basin.