An artist and designer originally from Portland, Oregon, Katie is inspired by the year-round color of the Bay Area environs and has enjoyed the process of allowing this muse to inform her distinct style of jewelry. She creates tangible representations of the beautiful and the visceral that are both regional and universal.

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Cruelty-free and sustainably sourced butterfly wings, feathers, bones, snakeskin, bees and other objects are chosen for their textures, shape, and colors as much as for the roles they play in the natural world. Using glass and metal, Katie creates unique reliquary jewelry that provides a wearable snapshot of the vitality and endurance of these natural elements, capturing them in designs that recall the past and turn our eyes to the ever expanding horizon.


HartVariations has evolved over the years to offer not only small batch handcrafted jewelry, but ritual objects as well: wall adornments, semi-precious gemstone altars, memorial jewelry, and more. We are currently a team of three, with two part-time assistants helping Katie to create each beloved piece that is sent out into the world. Collaboration with the women of HartVariations, as well as each store, and every client that owns one of our creations is exactly why we do what we do. Connection is key.