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Girl with the Pearl houses handmade pearl, gemstone and wire crochet jewelry handcrafted in Santa Rosa, CA. 

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My pearl and gemstone collection comprises of freshwater pearls and natural gemstones and offers a twist on traditional jewelry styles.

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I’m drawn to raw organic shapes and textures and enjoy using baroque pearls and natural stones to create pieces that would enhance the beauty of the wearer. The techniques I use include wire wrapping, bead stinging and hand knotting. I enjoy blending different styles and techniques to create something truly unique.


My wire crochet collection, made by crocheting or weaving fine metal wire, comprises of pieces which are light and airy, but sturdy enough for everyday wear. The simplicity of the shape and design of these pieces is in contrast to the lacy, intricate details of the weave.

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Girl with the Pearl jewelry is contemporary and minimal, simple and elegant with a focus on creating pieces that are timeless, versatile and will be well loved for years.