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The gift industry may be the only sector left where organic growth is still possible. To become a maker, all you need is an idea, a couple of hundred dollars and a garage or your mother’s basement. Venture capitalist need not apply. But it’s gotten increasingly difficult for makers to bring their products to market. The shrinking number of regional markets and the high cost of exhibiting at national shows are slamming the door in the face of small and emerging brands.



As a maker, your work matters – a lot. You’re the source of new. Your ideas and products keep things fresh. You make the stuff that people use to express themselves, build their nests, celebrate life’s ups and cope with life’s downs. INDIE Market exists to help you extend your reach by putting your products in the hands of the region’s best retailers.

As a re-imaged trade show, INDIE Market’s goal is
to create and promote a community of makers by offering you:

> Access to the region’s leading retailers.

> Booth space that won’t break the bank.

> Network-building [we love the concept, not the
term] opportunities with other makers.

> Unmatched brand building opportunities.

> Marketing support:
- Your company will be added to our Makers gallery
with a link to your website (click here to view).
- Inclusion in our social media platforms

All of this plus a fun, chill California vibe [with a
bay view]!

You’ve put a lot on the line to build your company. It’s about time there was a platform dedicated to helping you make your mark by working with you to put your passion in action.

Please join us!


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