Detail Co is a multifaceted brand that is both an inspired design house of lifestyle goods and a sharp-eyed wholesale distributer and manufacturer.  Originally a company that started by carefully selecting and distributing European and American designed products in Japan, Detail Co. now also operates as a design house with made-in-Japan products that possess an enjoyable hint of American nostalgia. 


Their attractive line of metal accessories called ‘Candy Design Works’ takes inspiration from things like steel key chains distributed by American auto manufacturers in the 1950s or money clip mechanisms manufactured in the 1930s, reimagining them into more contemporary brass keychain and money clips that feel modern while still possessing a tangible roughness and industrial uniqueness, making each item feel like a precious relic of the past.


This process ensures that each part of the design will last and gaurantees durability.  By hand-stitching all of their products, Rhythmos  strives to impart appreciation to all their creations, in hopes their customers will also lovingly handle their work for years to come.