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A fresh, bold take on the traditional textile techniques of Macrame, Crochet and Braiding, CORDA’s bold, yet lightweight creations are designed by Bay Area Photo Stylist, Author and Designer, Kelli Ronci.



Founded in 2012, Corda was originally inspired by a love of all-things-fiber, and a fascination with the meditative process of looping and knotting. The intensive, intricacy of Kelli’s designs prompted her to journey to India in 2016 in search of artisans to collaborate with.



Each piece is now handcrafted in Corda’s recently established studio in Delhi, India by a small group of artisan women trained by Kelli and her lead artisan, Elle Sungte.


By providing a living wage, clean drinking water, a safe work environment, and transportation to and from the workplace, CORDA aspires to empower and help each of these women build a brighter future for themselves and their families.