Designer Cristina Rose-Guizar was born and raised in Mexico. Her heirloom silk scarves, known as Centinelle, are the neon-flavored icing on the vanilla cake of life.


Cris grew up enamored by her mother’s scarf collection and still raids it regularly, which is why every piece she makes can be passed on to the next generation. She studied fashion in Mexico City and started her own label there in 2010, until she and her scarves moved to San Francisco in 2015.  


Her favorite conversation starter is her tattoo of a cat attacking a fish bowl. She’s big in Japan (actually, not yet, but it’s her most recurring dream). She is trilingual in Spanish, English and Spanglish. 


Centinelle is sold by SF MOMA, the Museum  of Craft and Design and Convert, Rare Device and has been featured by the San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes and Vogue Taiwan to mention some.

Centinelle 26.jpg