Brand Node, Inc. operates in the belief that we are all creative beings and we seek to bring to market gifts that foster creativity, thoughtful interactionand delight our creative-selves through design and functionality.

We aim to create and distribute products that minimize our impact on the environment by using recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials when possible and just as important by selling products of exceptional design and durability, that encourage longterm use, sharing and run counter to the throw away culture.

We currently bring to market three brands.


Paperthinks, a collection of stationery and small accessories in recycled leather in simple elegant designs in a wide range of colors.


Troika Germany, winner of many design awards for its line of pens and small personal and travel accessories, well designed products made from high grade materials with impeccable finish. Troika operates under the motto “Freude Schenken” or Giving Joy.


Duke Baron Vintage, a line of metal tags, tabs and other vintage gifts for Kitchen, Bar and home decor.