The Mission of Ansel Beck Pottery is to make everyday useful objects that embellish the dining experience, enhance the mundane with beauty, color, and style, and enrich your daily life. In today’s culture, it is important to be able to slow down and appreciate the environment we live in. What we put into our bodies and minds, these are the things that sustain our soul and spirit. Finding the time to cook your own food and enjoy it visually and physically using hand made plates and bowls is a way to connect with the people that are important in your life. Ansel Beck Pottery strives to create work that will enable you to find meaning in these moments and cherish the time you have with friends and family.


Ansel Beck Pottery is featured in numerous catalogs and over 40 galleries across the country including: The Hillyer House in Ocean Springs Mississippi, Uncommon Goods in Brooklyn New York, The West Wind Gallery in Grass Valley California, Clay Coyote in Hutchinson Maine, and The Alexander Gallery in Nevada City California. His work is showcased in the Princeton Museum who published an article about his methods and philosophy of making functional objects.


Ansel Beck received a Bachelor's Degree from Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio in 2008. He has been working professionally with clay and making functional objects for over 10 years. He lives in Arcata, California and has a studio in the old Humboldt Creamery arts district. Living in the coastal redwoods, Ansel draws inspiration from the rich colors in nature that surround him, creating work that has the texture of the ocean and the colors of the sunset. All of the work is made by hand. Ansel works predominantly on the wheel and also creates work by hand building. He creates many different functional items such as dinnerware, ramen bowls, coffee drippers, and baking dishes, as well as decorative pieces, vases, bottles, platters, and large serving bowls. Ansel’s work has a cohesive style throughout, yet each piece has unique characteristics prescribed by a process of slight alterations of the form. Ansel’s pottery are works of art that are meant to be used everyday.