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Adelyn Designs is a women’s clothing line creating effortless, elegant and stylish wardrobe stables from day to evening social.  We strive to source quality and eco fabrics as much as possible; and thoughtfully designed and made in San Francisco.  The ultra-soft, lightweight and washable sweater poncho, bolero shrugs, cardigans, scarves, reversible fingerless gloves and tops have been our store favorites.  The coat design debut in 2018 is also an extension to our dress deigns for a complete total social experience.  Our dresses and tops are dance inspired from Adelyn’s social activity in Argentine Tango and ballet dance growing up.

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We believe in classic but chic, and stylish yet comfortable apparel; and versatile styles that one can mix and match within the collection, including outwear and accessories.

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 We are also conscious about our environment and sustainability.   We use quality fabrics natural fibers such as modal and rayon from beechwood trees; and fabrics with stretch for movement.