The Bay Area, one of the most innovative and prosperous places on the planet, has been without a wholesale gift show since the closing of the San Francisco Gift Center (remember the mauve interior?) and the end of the “temps” at the Moscone Center. Ironic -- isn’t it?

We believe there is a need for a wholesale gift show, but not a show stamped out of the same cookie-cutter model seen around the country. We believe the time has come to offer something new – a show that goes beyond selling stuff. A show that will create a community of makers and merchants that will define and shape the future of manufacturing and retail. As a re-imagined trade show, INDIE’s mission is to promote product and retail innovation to positively impact how we live and work.



INDIE Market was launched with no lavish budget or high paid consultants, just a handful of industry veterans determined to make a difference by being different. We don’t think that great ideas come from the top. They grow organically from the bottom up. We have big plans and the usual time and budgetary challenges – everything that keeps us real, but we’re certain of one thing: the future of our industry depends on creating a venue for talent and innovation to emerge. It’s newness and innovation that drive retail and give consumers the products and experiences they crave (whether they know it or not).


IN.spiration // IN.novation