Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zeeb started with a small production of hand-painted, hand-made scarves. After significant success with our line of unique scarves with numerous boutiques offering in-store and online fashion accessory, in Summer of 2018 we introduced a line of elegant women’s clothing.


Our credo is to have fun while delivering excellence to every one of our clients. Our artists have a deep passion for expressing emotions through colors, always keeping individuality in mind with the goal of uniting inner and outer beauty through their wearable art.


In these fast changing times, we believe it is important to bring a feeling of uniqueness to our individual customers through several attributes in our unique designs. Zeeb's end customers are women of all ages but they all have one thing in common: they avoid repetition and seek to differentiate themselves, not only from others, but from their own yesterday. In their pursuit of effortless individual style, they have all come to enjoy our vibrant, lightweight, versatile and trendy, earthy-yet- sophisticated clothing and accessory. Through our endless patterns and color combinations, we continually impress and answer the demands of our retail store clients who have come to expect to see something new each season. Every item is produced in the San Francisco Bay Area.