I remember the last three-and-a-half years so clearly: from starting our business in our 770 sq ft San Francisco home with Joh, my Mom, our dog Cha-Cha and I struggling to balance our living and business space, to borrowing machinery from Tech Shop at 4 am to cut the dials for our watches, from Joh biking in traffic to make sure deliveries made it to the post office before cut off, to somewhere in that same time having my first child - it’s been a whirlwind.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.


My name is Julia and my husband Joh and I decided to start our love affair with spreading serendipitous joy while on a trip to Bali. After leaving demanding corporate jobs, the easy, effortless harmony of nature between family, relationships and life as a whole that the Balinese value was refreshing. Days weren’t meticulously captured in an iPhone calendar - instead, the trust in knowing that every day is beautiful and that what would be, would be, was enough.

In the market, we were surrounded by the natural beauty created by artisans with this incredible mindset, rooting itself in their art. The thoughtful, handmade touches, the beauty of the craft, the joy exuding from their beings as they created deeply struck Joh and I. We knew that was for us. Treehut was born.

With the seed planted, we knew it was time to lay roots into the world and start growing - giving, creating, and shaping our dreams into something substantial. We started with the vision of being able to create gifts, so personal, that they could show the deep, loving essence of your bond with your loved one (read: the perfect gift for the impossible to buy for). We started with curated wooden watches. With no two exotic, reclaimed woodgrains alike, we also wanted to give our patrons the power to add special color details and intimate engravings, making the piece truly a memory to share and cherish forever.


Now in our fourth space (a real manufacturing office!!) with marketing design, production, warehousing all under one soon-to-be living rooftop, we live our dream every day, loving, creating and teaching our 1-year-old son the beauty and nature of what really matters in life.

This has been an incredible journey made possible by other dreamers like you. We thank you for your love and support and hope that by giving Treehut, you and your loved one will experience all of the joy, all of the laughter, all of the love that we experienced in creating something especially for you.

From our hearts to yours,

Julia and Joh