1414 Harbour Way S Richmond, CA 94804

INDIE Market Bay Area P:510.524.7611 F:510.524.7612 


SHOW HOURS The show hours for all sections are as follows: 

Sunday, July 21st, Time TBA

Monday, July 22nd, Time TBA

Tuesday, July 23rd, Time TBA

ANIMALS Live animals or pets are not allowed on the show floor at any time. The only exceptions are dogs that have been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Management reserves the right to request removal of a service animal if the animal is out of control and/or if the animal is not housebroken. 

BADGES Admission to the exhibit venue during show dates is open to exhibitor/buyers with badges only. 

BOOTH CLEANING Empty boxes and trash must be in front of the booth at the end of the day during the set-up dates. You are in charge of taking off the tape around your booth BEFORE the first day of the show. 

BOOTH OCCUPANCY Your booth must be staffed and open for business during regular show hours. Booths may not be dismantled prior to the show close. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a fine and/or losing priority status in future trade shows. 

BOOTH REGULATIONS Exhibitors can’t use their neighbor’s space. For booths facing each others, any racks, shelves, or anything else of a consequent size can stand in between the two booths.Product, furniture, lighting, models or any part of an exhibitors’ display may not extend into the aisles at any time. Exhibitors aren’t allowed to bring their own walls. Any extra solid Blue-Grey wall will be charged $40. 

CODE OF CONDUCT Be considerate of your neighbor: The distribution of giveaways or the use of flashing lights, smoke machines, bubbles, side-show tactics or other noisy or undignified displays is prohibited. Under no circumstances should an exhibitor enter or take photographs of another exhibitor’s display without permission 

ELECTRICAL Electricity will be available for every booth. Make sure to take power strip if you need more than one plug. 

INSURANCE We require all exhibitors to remit a Certificate of Insurance naming Kiss That Frog as a name insured. Here is one company’s example from last INDIE Market. 

INTERNET Wi-Fi service is available in Craneway Pavilion during the whole duration of the show. 

PAINTING Exhibitors who paint their booth structure must use a drop cloth or similar material to ensure the Craneway floor remains clean. INDIE will charge exhibitors who get paint on the Craneway floor, a $250 fee. 

WASTEBASKETS A Wastebasket will be provided to every booth.