Tara Handicraft started to take form during a trip to India in 2016, when Vinay was introducing Carly to his family.  While shopping in the markets, Carly was struck by the work of local artisans handcrafting beautiful pieces; from pure silk saris to essential oils.  Nature itself seemed to be preserved in them.  At that time, Carly and Vinay were inspired to support local artisans in India, bridge the gap between the East and West and provide the newly married couple means to continue traveling to India each year to visit Vinay’s family.


Tara Handicraft products are proudly handcrafted and hand selected in India.  We are committed to quality products that are made with pure materials.  We take pride in building relationships with local artisans, supporting their craft and sharing their creations globally.  


Currently, we carry a beautiful selection of handcrafted pure copper drinking vessels.  Enjoy the Ayurvedic health benefits from drinking out of these vessels daily.