We are William Knopp and Jessica Tata, the husband and wife team behind Son of a Sailor. The birth of the brand is inextricably tied to our own relationship--when we first met and began designing together, Son of a Sailor was the organic result.


Much of the inspiration behind our handmade jewelry and accessories comes from the application of color, pattern, and geometry to materials with a rich history and story. We embrace the convergence of innovation, functionality, storytelling, and bright, bold geometry in all of our designs.


The Son of a Sailor line is made in our Austin, Texas studio. We offer a selection of jewelry and lifestyle goods, each of which is designed, crafted and assembled with the help of the SOS production staff. Our jewelry line extends from beaded necklaces to men’s dyed leather bracelets -- we strive to have a piece for everyone.


Our lifestyle goods include hand crafted leather keychains, leather wallets, collectible toys, and wooden home goods, just to name a few. Every Son of a Sailor piece is designed and crafted with care and function in mind.


The Studio plays home to both the Son of a Sailor line as well as a curated storefront. As the studio expanded, we realized that this was the perfect opportunity to bring in other lines that are close to our hearts. The studio now carries a selection of brands, makers, and goods. 


Represented by KEENA.