The maker movement is no longer part of some fringe economy. Great talent on our side counts as a win in our uphill battle against commoditization and mass market retail. Through our wholesale platform, we aim to create meaningful ways for designers to not only sell but experiment, design and tweak products that create joyful experiences. The focus on improving design will create more demand for better, more desirable and sustainable goods.

While selling our own products to stores, from our art collective The Whiteout, we found some products did great while some never got reordered. The buyers never told us why. They were either too busy or we didn't feel it was their place to give advice. And we felt too awkward to ask. Our goods had entered the product void. 

A nudge towards retail readiness could have quadrupled everyone's business. We designed wholesale platform designed to bring this conversation upfront, so sourcing ceases to be a mystery and instead the fun it's intended to be.