Hi, I'm Sarah Cooley. I'm the Founder + CEO here at Simply Curated. When I started Simply Curated back in 2012 it was just what the name implies, a curated online store with a simple aesthetic. In the beginning I was only curating vintage pieces and my dream was to have a store where you could always find something special to brighten your mood. Eventually I started to make soy candles in beautiful vintage barware and that just took off. Before I knew it I was selling more candles then vintage housewares so I decided that candles would be the new direction for the company.


I still had a dream of this well curated store filled with candles, paper goods, lifestyle products and home goods that I couldn't get out of my head. So in late 2013 I started stocking wares from other independent designers and brands. I'm happy to carry the work of so many amazing companies and I hope that one day my dream of having a physical store will become a reality. 


In October of 2014 I moved the company (and myself) to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I moved into a great studio with the ability to expand the production scale of our candles. In January of 2015, after a whole year of work, I launched our first original collection, the Cocktail Collection. Inspired by the vintage barware that started it all, we released 4 original patterns with brilliantly designed new packaging and a packaging update for the whole line. I'm excited to continue to share this journey as the company grows. 


Our candles are all hand-poured in our studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 100% soy wax is blended in small batches with fragrances and essential oils. Our candles are 100% phthalate free and will burn cleanly all the way down. Every single candle is poured by hand and hand labeled and packaged. We are proud to make a product that is beautiful, sustainable and 100% Made in the USA. 


Represented by KEENA.