Founded in 2016 with an enduring belief in the beauty of American Handmade, Scented Designs is a small business in San Jose, CA committed to creating high-quality, natural soy wax candles that are safe and enjoyable for customers and respectful of the environment. Woman-owned and -run, Scented Designs aims to educate consumers about the hazards of paraffin wax, bringing them and their families safe, eco alternatives. 

We hand-pour each soy candle using American-grown soy wax that is vegan, biodegradable, and comes from soybeans, a renewable resource. Each candle is generously scented at a 10% fragrance load using only high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with natural essential oils. Our candles are hand-wicked with natural cotton wicks, free of lead and other harmful metals. Each jar candle is wrapped in a colorfully patterned strip of stationery, carefully selected to match the personality of each fragrance. We also pour most of our scents in convenient, travel-sized tins.

Sustainability and a respect for the environment is at the heart of our work, which is why we partner up with eco-conscious suppliers and re-use materials whenever possible. Our signature coffeehouse candle line utilizes secondhand and vintage containers like old mugs, glasses, and teacups. Each of these coffee candles is hand-poured, individually crafted with realistic-looking whipped wax topping, and finished with a label and a ribbon. We also make teacup candles for the tea lover, pouring various tea scents into beautiful vintage cups. These candle lines can be made on a larger scale with matching container sets.