Alexia Viola Artisan Jewelry began with a strand of tiny, blue sapphires I brought back from India. I discovered them during a trip to explore women's stories (including my own as it turned out.) That strand of tiny gemstones, purchased on a whim with no real intention, gave birth to a line of handmade jewelry inspired by what our stories are often inspired by - a sense of place. 

It didn't end up being about the place I was visiting, as much as it was about the place I'd been calling home for a long time - California. Myriad cultures, personalities and even micro-climates live together in this big, beautiful state, and we all seem to share a lifestyle aesthetic that's effortlessly stylish, fresh and individual, and a little bohemian. Based in Napa Valley, California - Alexia Viola Artisan Jewelry is a line whose designs are meant to embody these special qualities that are true California.

Using hand-selected gemstones, signature metal elements and the softest deerskin leather, each piece is made by hand, by a small team of local artisans and carries within it an effortless, modern elegance, that is the essence of wine country life. I hope my jewelry will help you know and tell your story, the way that strand of tiny sapphires helped me tell mine.