The husband and wife team of Aron and Joey Yu co-founded Paperthinks with the idea of providing eco-friendly and quality notebooks without sacrificing style and design. This focus centered on two main concepts; "think green" and "think color". Throughout the years the brand as evolved to include recycled leather handbags and small accessories, in just as many colors.

All of which can be found on this website, keep reading to find out more about both concepts.


We use 100% recycled leather in the creation of our entire range. This represents our love for the surroundings we live in and the environment.


At Paperthinks we believe that everyone has the right to choose the colors that represent and inspire them. Our lives started with a clean, white page. Over time we paint our lives into a piece of art; creative, colorful and unique to our personalities. We might paint blue when we feel spiritual, yellow when we feel happiness or green when we feel calm.

Through our aim to fill everyone's lives with joy, we have given you the colors, now it's time to create your own masterpiece.


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