Since the purchase of a 10-acre parcel in California’s Central Valley in 1998, the Kapor family has transformed the property into a self sustaining lavender farm specializing in growing and harvesting not only lavender but herbs and flowers as well. In addition to this, it has become an award-winning destination venue which hosts numerous events each year. The family-owned farm has an annual harvest every June in which the lavender is hung to dry in bundles as well as being distilled for the essential oil.


The dried lavender and oil are used to make various handmade items such as soap, lotions, hydrosols, linen sprays, sachets and other products that are sold in an onsite retail shop as well as another location in downtown Turlock. They also focus on repurposing old used items, such as lumber and metal, into handmade zinc top tables. Although sometimes it is thought to mean something else, the name Pageo is simply a combination of the owner’s names, Patty & George.