Mercado Global provides income-­‐earning opportunities to indigenous mothers in Guatemala’s highlands who historically have been denied education, have suffered domestic violence, and have been left with no means of overcoming the poverty into which they were born. We use a non-­‐profit funding model to teach these women a trade, help them launch sustainable businesses of their own, and connect them to the U.S. market. 

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Emerging as rural entrepreneurs, these women earn more than three times the average daily wage while working with major specialty retailers like Levi’s, Anthropologie and Nordstrom. This innovative approach is successfully breaking the cycle of poverty in our partner cooperatives and helping these women send their children to school, often for the first time. Our programs support approximately 380 women artisans and are helping to send more than 2,000 indigenous children to school. Newsweek, National Public Radio, and the United Nations have all recognized Mercado Global's successful model for empowerment and poverty alleviation.

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