LoilJ, pronounced loy-al-jay, is the collaboration of childhood best friends (L & J) who live in beautiful Bend, Oregon.   For the past several years, we've both been using essential oils daily in our homes for various health benefits and a more natural lifestyle.

  We have found tremendous benefits to having our essential oils diffusing throughout the day and just needed a way to have our oils diffuse wherever we went.  


LoilJ Diffuser Jewelry was created by us in late 2016, as a simplistic yet stylish way to keep diffusing essential oils on the go for ourselves and our families. As the year went on, the aromatherapy bracelets we were wearing and our children wore, piqued the interest of our friends, peers, and teachers.  By the beginning of November, LoilJ was born after we started doing local pop-ups and events in Bend.   


We have various styles & we hand pick our seasonal colors making sure we have something for everyone.  We are so pleased to have wonderful products to share with many people in conjunction with the amazing therapeutic benefits of essential oils, we hope you enjoy!