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Jane Inc. is a mother and daughter owned company established in 1992. All of our products are handmade in California, of quality natural ingredients. From Jane's herb garden in the 1970s to the dried lavender in our eye pillows now, there is a consistent line of nurturing and love - or comfort and joy, which is our company motto. But we've all come a long way since the 1970s in understanding the impact our bath and body products have on ourselves and our environment. Still the marketplace is dominated by companies that tell a nice story, have pretty packaging, or claim to be natural, while serving up the same chemical-laden, tired old "cheap fill" and mass manufactured products of another era. We pride ourselves on hand-making our products in small batches fresh to order here is our own studio on the San Francisco Bay - products that are not only truly natural and therapeutic but have a sophisticated and sensual aesthetic. We believe in transparency in ingredients, and list them all, not just "key ingredients". And we use essential oils, even though they are much more expensive than fragrance oils.

Essential oils are very complex: just like fine wines they “bloom” with many layers of scent and unlike chemically produced fragrance they will react over time, becoming richer, and you can enjoy their many layers as they unfold. Lavender is a perfect example of this quality: It becomes sweeter and more woody as layer by layer it reveals itself in your bath. All essential oils also have health benefits -  whether they can help to induce sleep like lavender, or clear a foggy head like eucalyptus, or manage sore muscles like rosemary. We love that we can make products that are not only not harmful but beautiful and healing, like nature itself.