Every day we come together with a vision that, we can collectively - do better. Experience and innovation. Design and detail. Old school and new school. Track record meets trend savvy. The perfect union of what's been, and what's possible. Filament currently sells its products in 50 plus countries and is sold everywhere from mass to independent gourmet retailers. All Filament brands aim to create best in class products for the home and provide a compelling value promise to the consumer.

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In the Chef'n kitchen, gadgets don't require a battery to make an impact. We often find, the smaller the tool, the bigger the punch. Simple, elegant, super functional. We call that Tasteful Ingenuity.



d.stil is hydration with a purpose, a line of bottles purpose built to weave fashion and function together. The line supports water.org, providing clean water to communities without access.



We aren’t wine snobs or expert mixologists, but we do enjoy alcohol because hey, drinking is fun. We create well-designed, accessibly priced drinking products that pave the way for fun. We make juicers and decanters; you make margaritas and wine nights.


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Taylor has been a category leader in kitchen, bath and weather measurement since 1851. Through our focus on accuracy we have become the trusted name in households for over 165 years.



RBT is a wine and barware collection created by a small team of designers in Seattle, Washington.