EXAU Olive Oil is an Italian-American olive oil company based in the Bay Area and owned by husband and wife, Giuseppe and Skyler. EXAU has a unique and charming story that we love to share. Giuseppe was born and raised in Calabria, south Italy. His family has been making olive oil from their family estate in Calabria for over 80 years, making him a 3rd generation olive oil maker. They've had plenty of time to hone their craft as each generation has passed down traditions and methods of making a high quality olive oil.


We often refer to Calabria as the Texas of Italy because of its location and the fruits, vegetables, and properties are much bigger in comparison to the rest of the country. Calabria is famous for its olive oil; you can drive for miles and only see olive trees. Imagine being in the Napa of olive oil but in Italy. This puts us in the perfect location to make oil.


We started EXAU in late 2017 during fall harvest. We harvested, pressed, decanted, bottled, labeled, and imported the product ourselves. There are no middle men or distributors because we believe the olive oil maker, salesman, and owner can be the same person. This also allows us to create long lasting relationships with our clients and customers. Nobody knows our oils or story like us and we need to be there to share it.


In addition to our history and prime location, we work with one of the worlds leading olive oil sommeliers to professionally panel taste and pair our oils. All of our oils are lab tested and beautifully bottled to ensure the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. We take great pride in our work and will continue to manage every step of the process down to how the trees are cut.

We believe the longevity and strength of Calabria has allowed us to continue this multi-generational craft.