Cork !  the new leather, we like to say - Cork, like wine corks ?  The same material used in our wine bottles is what we're talking about. Cork forests are primarily found in the Western Mediterranean and the trees live between 150 -200 years with the inner bark, which is cork, removed every 9 years or so.  The process does not stress the tree in any way; in fact it strengthens the tree resulting in longevity of the tree.

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Cork fabric needs very little in the way of care to maintain its beauty, just a little soap and water. Cork cells contain a natural waxy substance which does not allow cork to absorb dust, dirt or moisture. A natural patina develops over time - similar to well worn leather - resulting in a beautiful finish.

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We founded CORX in 2009 after traveling to Portugal and realizing the positive features of cork - sustainable, supple like leather, water proof and stain resistant are just a few to mention.  Our collection of products includes handbags, necklaces and bracelets, personal accessories such as wallets and mobile phone covers along with home decorative accessories, placemats and coasters.  Corx is the first company in the U.S. to introduce cork to the gift and home market and we continue to add products to the assortment for the fashion conscious customer.

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