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Kate Joseph, the designer and maker behind Clouds and Ladders, has spent years going back and forth between her loves of making art and helping people. While studying painting and sculpture at the Columbus College of Art And Design, she felt like she was neglecting the part of herself that wanted to lend a hand to those in need. While in graduate school getting her Master’s degree in occupational therapy, she never had a spare moment for creative pursuits. 2015 was the year she started designing and fabricating jewelry in her spare time while working as an occupational therapist. In 2018, she decided to focus soley on Clouds and Ladders instead of dividing her time between the two careers. 


   Clouds and Ladders got its start in Kate's studio tucked among the redwoods in San Francisco’s North Bay Area. Each brass frame is soldered with a torch and meticulously inlaid with the geometric shapes that make C&L designs so unique. Initially Kate completed all of this production on her own, but growth of the business has meant working closely with a friend who now solders the frames and forms the clay shapes, while Kate finishes and assembles each piece. This delegation of work will free Kate to focus on creating new designs. Future designs will include natural elements such as wood and stone, as well as other new materials currently being explored.