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Located in Portland, OR, we are a product design team hand-making our work to capture the beauty of yesterday in the form of a modern today. Working primarily in the medium of ceramics, our goal is to harness the relics of the past and bring them forward, rejuvenated, into the candy sweetness of today. 


David Price, the designer and owner of Candy Relics, has been working in ceramics since childhood. Discovering the art of mold making 15 years ago, his work has made its dramatic change to the rustic, reinvented, modern designs we see today with Candy Relics.


When approaching ceramics, David’s view is seen as an opportunity to challenge functional design in the construction of objects to correlate with our everyday lives. These objects of handcrafted design are brought to you directly from his studio, ensuring the highest of quality.


Morgan Roberts is the organizer, web designer, head honcho of time management, and probably the one who answered that email you got from us. With a background in film, digital web and advertising she is certainly the grease that keeps the wheels turning.

We also have Dusty, she's little and cute and maybe you will meet one day at one of our shows.