Bespoke Watch Projects is an Oakland-based microbrand specializing in limited production timepieces for men and women, all assembled by hand in their studio. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, the timepieces are designed and produced in small batches—with new models and designs added frequently. 


Incorporating unique dials, sapphire crystals, Swiss movements, and handmade leather straps, each watch is a celebration of traditional horology, contemporary design, and American craftsmanship. There is a model built for each and every wrist. 

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Founded by designer & watchmaker John Beck McConnico in 2014, the brand has gained a dedicated following for its unique merging of heritage-inspired details and modern design influences. The brand believes that a wristwatch is an extension of one’s personality—an emotional form of expression as well as a pragmatic one. Their goal is to create unique luxury pieces at an accessible price point.