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From their humble beginnings in 1980 cultivating a group of Marin County 'Artists In Residence', owners Greta Heida and Stacy Bock distilled Greta's expertise in sales with Stacy's in office management to create the powerhouse rep firm it has grown into today.


In 2009, rockflowerpaper launched its first collection with elegant home goods. We developed innovative techniques to apply nature-based art to lacquer serving trays which nobody had seen before. Everyone loved rockflowerpaper’s unique and lively aesthetic, and they wanted more. Smith brought on VP of Design Katie Shillinglaw, a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate, with whom Smith had worked for over 20 years at Mulberry Neckwear. With Shillinglaw’s strong background in textile design, rockflowerpaper expanded into tote bags and casual clothing which highlighted Shillinglaw’s colorful, hand-painted patterns.


Creating high-end looking jewelry at low prices is Lucky Feather's mantra. And putting good energy into the world with inspirational words is a wonderful side effect, and very NOW. With their rustic wooden displays and beautiful packaging, Lucky Feather is total eye candy for every store.


It's true that every picture tells a story. Some sassy, some sweet, many a real hoot. All matter and deserve to be shared. We invite you to step inside our world of memories and hope you enjoy our collection of cards and gifts designed using vintage photos, featuring family and friends. 


We create products to inspire our customers to…Be a rebel. Be who you are. Be empowered. Have fun! And most of all…Express Yourself. This is our company motto and tagline and guides our decisions and what we ofer to the world.


We are Kei Tsuzuki and Molly Luethi -- two friends, mothers, and printers living in the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We founded Kei & Molly Textiles, LLC in 2010 to create both a printing studio dedicated to producing artisan-quality fabric goods as well as a vehicle to develop good jobs in our community. 

We design all our images ourselves, often inspired by what we see in New Mexico as well as by our individual backgrounds -- Kei is Japanese but grew up in Montréal; Molly is Swiss American with a Japanese husband.  Our product line includes kitchen linens and home & fashion accessories.

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The Charles Viancin brand of kitchenware is clever, fun, and attractive, but best of all, it is very practical.

The range is designed by Charles Viancin in Paris, France. The main line is a range of silicone lids which form a 100% airtight seal on any smooth rimmed surface. This essentially replaces the need for plastic wrap and foil. This lends the range an ECO friendly feel, which is boldly stated on the packaging.

When you use the product it is quite remarkable, not only does it look good, but it actually works, time and again. We use it every day and love it!